About Us

We created SolWoven to bring beauty, ease, and versatility to all kinds of life's adventures. Less hassle = more fun! As often as possible, we are enjoying time with our loved ones, with our SolWoven towels in tow. We invite you to click here so you can do the same! 

Get to know more of our story:

We raised 5 kiddos in a beach town and know all about lugging bulky, sandy, soggy towels to and fro, bringing so much sand home with us in the car and into the house. And don't even get me started on the laundry! If not washed right away, those bulky towels would stay damp and get that awful musty, mildewy stench. Plus I couldn't stuff the whole family's stack of beach towels into one load of laundry. I sure wish I had SolWoven towels back then! These gorgeous towels are soft, absorbent, and sand-repelling due to their tight, flat weave (as opposed to the looped design of terry cloth towels that are a sand magnet!). Sand shakes right off and they dry quickly. There are no musty lingering odors, so they don't need to be laundered as often. When you do wash them, you can fit a whole stack of them in one load. Seriously, they are a total game-changer!

More about the inspiration behind SolWoven . . .

To be completely honest, when I was first introduced to Turkish towels, I wasn't impressed. I got 3 of them about 4 years ago. They were thin and flat and the fabric felt kind of stiff. They stayed rolled in their packaging for months because I couldn't imagine I would ever really use them. I couldn't have been more wrong! Once I washed them, and the long cotton fibers plumped up, they became soft and comfy. In fact, Turkish towels become even softer and more absorbent with each washing. From then on, I brought those 3 towels with me everywhere -- in my carryon to wrap up in on a chilly plane, on vacation as a beach & pool towel, as a sarong, or over my shoulders on a cool evening. I'd lay one over my yoga mat and drape one over my granddaughter's stroller for some shade. I used them at home as a throw, and even as a bath towel. My curly hair LOVES that the flat weave reduces friction and therefore reduces frizz! But as much as I loved those 3 towels for their versatility, they weren't particularly cute, fun, or attractive. They had great function but lacked style — I knew we could do better than that!

When we decided to curate our own line of Turkish towels, we sourced high-quality construction in a variety of stunning designs. We are proud to offer eco-friendly, ethically made towels that are woven in Turkey by skilled artisans. We are excited to share our beautiful collection with you, so you can start making your own memories with your SolWoven towels. Choose some favorites today!